SabinoDB is a marketing services, data management, and data analytics company located in Madison, Wisconsin and Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is the in-house agency of Black Wolf Group. Additionally, we provide our services to a select group of outside clients.

Big Data, Real-Time Analytics, Machine Learning, Neural Networks. Our job is to distill simplicity from this complexity. More simply put: we collect and analyze data to understand your customers.

  • How new customers behave and spend and how that differs from long-time customers.
  • How customers acquired through various channels (digital, print, word of mouth, Amazon, Facebook) generate varying levels of profit.
  • How cohorts of customers change over time.
  • How to use these insights to drive more efficient customer acquisition, more effective customer retention, and higher sales and profits.


Unlike other vendors, we are operators who eat our own cooking. Our primary engagements are with our own businesses in the retail, moving services, and healthcare industries. Our team consists of ecommerce and direct marketing veterans and data scientists with decades of experience working inside companies to answer these customer behavior questions.